~ Just a little something for this Friday...... ~

First off.... Did you see the guest post, tutorial, AND giveaway I am doing on My Three Bittles?

Second... you'll probably see another post like this here soon.  Up until the end of October I feel like I'm in full swing again!  So I'll need to organize my thoughts again! 

Third... yesterday... August 1st was the first day I'm getting back into running. I'm trying my best to eat healthier, but I JUST LOVE FOOD! But I'm trying!  Not to mention, the husband is joining. :) 

And just a few things that were brought to my attention this week.

I've seen videos of soldiers coming home from deployment and their dogs greeting them, but this has gotta be the best one I've seen yet!!!

And last... I was surfing fox news and came across this article about a Boston Terrior that had swimmer puppy syndrome.  Most dogs that are born like this are put down, but this organization helps them through therapy.  It is such a touching video of Mick learning to walk and even RUN! 

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!  :)

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  1. I LOVE reunions, but there's something about a pup when they reunite with the mom/dad. LOVE IT! I also got in on the giveaway! C'mon wreath! I need a new one baaad. lol If I don't get it, I'm glad you posted the tutorial!! lol yay!


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