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True Blood - aired 8/11/13 - Life Matters
So it looks like Warlow isn't dead.  Sookie bites herself to give him some of her blood.  He wakes. Sookie gets mad at Bill for still wanting to use Warlow.  She "throws" him out of faerie land.
Was Terry's funeral not the saddest thing?! Everyone spoke of how they met Terry.  The tear jerker was Sookie!!! Ugh!  And Lafayettes eyelashes... he was going all out!! Alcide comforts Sookie, will she change her mind about Warlow? Regardless, I'm glad they paid him that tribute, Terry deserved it!
Eric gets into the camp, he is high on that faerie blood, so practically invincible if you ask me. He lets out all the vampires which kill all the humans. He finds all the major "doctors" that had contact with anyone he loved and gave them a long death (until Bill came along). Eric finds Ginger (by her scream). Eric finds Jason and actually saves him, which I didn't expect considering I believe he is pissed at Sookie.
Bill was on the heels of Eric the whole time then realized he needed to be the one to save all the other vampires instead of finding Eric.  He put himself in the room that meets the sun and had them all drink from him.  Poor Rev Newlin had no blood to shield him from the sun, so he died at the hands of Eric.  Funny part... when he seen Sarah at the top and said "I Love Jason Stackhouse" Oh gosh... hahahaha!! 
Sarah gets away, barely, I really thought Jason was gonna kill her. Then he scratches his head with the gun, and I was thinking he was gonna kill himself (even though he had no reason to). 
While all the vampires are off in lala land running in the sun, Bill is dieing until Jess comes along.  James gives him his blood and he reunites with everyone else.  Will James and Jess have a future now they are alive? Where is Eric going when he leaves everyone? Is he going to mourn his sister?
Hopefully alot of questions will be answered in the finale next week!
Dexter - aired 8/11/13 -- Dress Code
Hanah left Dexter in the middle of nowhere in a town over.  She leaves Deb at the house, untouched. 
Both Dexter and Deb do their research on Hanah, Dexter is the first to find her.  Deb on the other hand gets her a$$ handed to her by her boss. She needed that though.  
He finds her on a yacht with another guy (Miles), a nice yacht at that. He follows them to a private club, which Zach helps them get into.  Dexter confronts her and she begs him to leave.  Turns out, Miles knows EVERYTHING about Dexter.  Or least almost everything.
She is married to this man and the reason she came to Dexter in the first place was to have Dexter kill him (all this is found out at their 2nd meeting). 
Miles finds out they've met alone a 2nd time, he sends guys to beat Dexter up, then we see Miles getting very physical with her.  Guess Dexter was on his way to kill him anyway, but Hanah beat him to it. He helps her hide it, only because he is still in love with her. The only woman he can be truthful with (only man she can be truthful with).
Deb put a tracker on Dexters car only to find them two after they dumped the body. Is Deb heartbroken again? I think now that she knows where she is, she will kill her.
Vince finds out his daughter works at a topless bar, sooo funny when he finds out! Haha!  He managed to get a spot open at the department for her, but she'll make less money.  
Poor Haley Cassie, she is found dead. Our only assumption is to think Zach killed her, which is probably right.  Not sure what Dexter will do with him. I mean, that was uncalled for.  She was an innocent.



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