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Part of me just wanted to roundup Bachelorette, but I wasn't sure how much I'd have or EXACTLY what would happen. So I still took notes on True Blood and Dexter for the hell of it! :) By the way, my little notebook is almost full with notes! :)
I believe True Blood has 2 more episodes and Dexter has like 5 or so. Then of course this is the end of the Bachelorette until January 2014. Which we all know it'll be the Bachelor then.  Who will they pick?

Let's get started!

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True Blood - aired 8/4/13 - Dead Meat
We begin with Eric and Bill fighting, verbally.  He tells Eric to leave but does learn that Sookie has Warlow.  Eric finds Sookie, sees that she comes from another "realm".  At the end we see that Warlow seems to be sucked dry but was the before he fed from Andy's daughter?
Alcide is challenged by 3 in his pack, but doesn't kill them. I'm guessing he just leaves the pack.  I'm assuming that because he brings the girls back to Sam.
The Hep V is in the True Blood and they start giving it to the vampires in gen pop. Rev Newlin befriends James and for some reason he tells him not to drink the blood.  Doesn't say why, just not to drink it. Well then Sarah finds out, "tortures" Newlin and he tells who told him.  James and Rev. Newlin are in the white room. Then eventually come Pam, Tara, Willa, and Jessica..  How does Eric end up in there too? How does he end up giving his blood to them before it's too late?
Does Violet not look like Lilith? I think Violet will have a bigger part as the story line continues besides her claiming Jason.
Before Sookie makes her decision to be with Warlow forever she gives a last ditch effort at Sam. Sam denies her and we learn Nicole is pregnant, although Nicole doesn't know yet.
And the most brutal part of the episode is when Sarah kills Ms. Suzuki. I mean, that was brutal! Didn't see that one coming, did you!?!

Dexter - aired 8/4/13 - A Little Reflection
Dexter has been following Zach and sees him ending up at Vogel's house. Dexter questions Vogel and she requests that he not kill Zach until he has proof.  The proof is the photos he finds at Zach office.  Vogel then wants to teach him the code. And I'll stop there with that story line. :)
Batista wants Quinn to be sergeant, but seems to be pushed to make Miller the sergeant. Which seems logical, the signs point to her.  When Quinn learns he wants to break the Norma case, so he now follows Zach which puts a damper in Dexter's plans.
Vince basically ruined his relationship with his daughter by trying to get her 5k to "help" her.  I do believe she isn't there for his money, just to start a relationship with her dad.
Dexter goes on a date with Cassie, can we say awkward.  I know why she brings ANOTHER date to Jaime's birthday party.
Deb does some undercover work for her boss.  Who else thinks he has the hots for her?  Will Elway be the one to out Deb and Dexter?
Back to the Zach, Vogel, Dexter thing.
Zach looks like he is going to kill Sofia, but actually goes to kill is dad. Dexter asks him why (after he drugs him) and he says that his father is killing his mother (drinking). Dexter asks him more questions, Zach explains, Dexter rips the wrap off of him. Is he willing to take him under his wing? Can he hold his temper?
Then the big BANG... Hannah is back? Waaa........

Bachelorette - aired 8/5/13
First off, super sad that Reality Steve was wrong.  I'm not sure what happened there.  I was still rooting for Brooks, thought he'd come out of the limo and everything! Reality Steve has only been wrong once, he did change his "winner" once.  He is getting so much crap for being wrong. Poor thing!  Will I continue to read his blog? Yup!  Will I let what he says influence who I think wins again? No!
Anyway... let's start from the beginning.
They have the rose ceremony, I didn't think that Chris was gonna accept the rose.  But come to find out he was just a little sad for her and wanted to console her!
Drew had the first date, you know right from the beginning that it wasn't gonna go well. She didn't even get off her horse to greet him!
Drew ends up going home, sad day for him, he was totally blindsided. But I like his thoughts on the situation, he wants her to be happy. He wants someone to love him like he loves her. Kudos!
Chris's date is next, the meeting is totally different with him.  She even said she felt different. They have their full date, dinner and everything.
Chris meets the family the next day.  Nate brings on the hard questions, go figure, right?!  He also asks for her hand in marriage, her dad agrees.
You can still see the emotion in her when Nate asks about Brooks.  So sad!
It's funny how they all seem to talk about Drew like he is still there, sly to let no one know she dumped him already.
And finally, we see the finale dress. Since we haven't seen it yet, ABC kept the finale from us.  Love that dress.
At this point, I'm still thinking Brooks is coming out of the limo before Chris gets there. And... I was wrong.
She wants to tell Chris everything before he proposes, well the highlights.  You can tell that he thinks he is getting dumped when she stops him from getting down on 1 knee.  The best thing she said was that she was basically so blindsided by Brooks leaving she didn't know what was right in front of her.  Ahh.... tears! YeS!
So... they are engaged!
Oh... and Sean and Catherine. Sounded like they set a date, but aren't telling the public yet. Will it be televised?
Onto the ATFR!
I get to when the commercials start before Brooks comes on stage. And my Directv goes OUT!  Like whole rebot!  Which knocks off the recording! Why? No CLUE!

We pick back up mid Drew. 9:24 to be exact!  I missed the whole Brooks thing.  You can bet I will be watching when ABC puts it online. Until then, I can't say anything about it because I don't know what happened. :(
They are still happily engaged, she is moving to Seattle, they will have their own place.  He says on live TV that he broke the confidentiality agreement, his family knows. Will ABC do anything? Probably not. I only say that because they already won when Reality Steve was wrong. LOL!
The legitimately look super happy!  Newly engaged couple! Ya know the type!   Hope they stick to it! 
And the next bachelor is..... Juan!  He will be a good one and a sincere one at that for sure!  I just don't think I can see that man cry. Ya know? He seems to happy go lucky!
Regardless, looking forward to January!

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  1. Can't say enough how awesome it is to have a friend that loves the Bach-o/ette as much as I do. It was a good one and I was thrown for a loop this season. ha! WOOHOOOO Juan Pablo!!!! So excited to watch his season!


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