~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Happy Sunday morning ya'll!

I've been a little MIA lately here on the blog.  August seems to be a super busy month for me!  Birthday parties, painting, etc.  You should see my calendar at work, I feel something is written on EVERY day!
September doesn't look too bad, just 3 runs (2 of them being mud), few birthdays, and a wedding.

Anyway, no worries.... I've got some recipes and I wanna throw at you. And I've been all over pinterest for jewelry crafts and holiday crafts, so stay tuned! 

But here we are with the recap of my instagram! I also posted a few videos, those won't be on the blog, check them on out my account!  Enjoy!

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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8-13-13 Sarah patiently waiting for the vet.  She had a pretty bad ear infection.  I think I scared everyone on FB when I checked in simple because I didn't say anything, just checked in.  I only checked in for a free nail trim! LOL! 

8-14-13 The pro of living so close to Nashville.  Free block party? Why yes, I'd love to go! 

8-15-13 Authentic cannoli!  I've only had a cannoli once in my life, before this, and that was like 2 weeks ago.  These were amazing!!!!  The other ones were too, but these were GREAT! I ate 3! Boo!

8-16-13 Steven loving on 1 of his girls!  She is a big baby and not spoiled at all.  :)

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  1. Remember the check in freak-out. See, when we peeps of yours know your fur babies are really your babies, we freak. Yep, just as bad as if it were my kids in the ER. lol Lesson learned, keep us in the know.

    Your concerned friend. :P


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