~ Instagram Recap ~

Last recap of 2013! Last Sunday of 2013!

I hope ya'll had an amazing Christmas and got everything you asked for.

I need to find time to take down our tree before all the needles fall off. Would like to do that BEFORE new years, but I'm not quite sure I'll find the time!

Did you see my Christmas Day post with a DIY wreath tutorial?

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Instagram Recap
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12-23-13 To my surprise I got this lovely Christmas card from Amberly! Love stuff from other bloggers! Makes my day!

12-24-13 Lilli patiently waiting to open her gifts!  A few videos of her opening her own gifts on my Instagram, be sure to check it out!

12-24-13 Christmas dinner with the inlaws!  Nothing traditional was a nice change up because we did alot of turkey eating the past week.

12-25-13 And this was the wreath I was talking about above! Like? Go check it out!

And I'll leave you with a video.  Christmas morning I cooked breakfast for the husband and I. Dogs got some of what we were eating too.  Take a look at this funny 15 second video!

 photo tawnysiggy_zps35e4128e.png

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  1. That wreath turned out so nice! I will definitely be checking out the tutorial :)
    I got a huge chuckle out of that video you posted!


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