~ DIY Ornament Swap ~

Who doesn't love new and unique ornaments?! And mail?! And the chance to meet a new blogger!

My partner was Jessica at Living La Vida Holoka and I absolutely love her!!! Not to mention, she is pretty crafty! :)

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We knocked our DIY's out WAY early!  I'm guessing we were both excited!

I actually got 2 ornaments, can we say LUCKY! :)

I mentioned to her that I can NEVER find anything with a Y on it. NEVER!  And bam... she made one! 

Do you like it? Wait... of course you do! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop because you can get one with whatever letter you choose!

Be sure to check out what the other ladies received. 

 photo tawnysiggy_zps35e4128e.png


  1. Yay! It looks great on your tree! I had so much fun making this ornament for you. I need to buy more of that wire so I can make more! :)


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