~ The 12 Days of DIY Ornaments (Extra) ~

I hope ya'll have enjoyed the past 7 days of DIY Ornaments.
Be sure to check back on the 13 when I compile all of them on 1 page! :)
Because I'm feeling festive, I'm bringing ya'll an extra ornament! Woot!
It is a jingle bell ornament that I originally found here.

You'll need : Wire (green or silver), jingle bells (big or small), and ribbon of choice.

I used green wire and I wish I would have used silver.
I also used small jingle bells and I wish I used bigger ones, only because in the next step my jingle bells wouldn't fit over the wrapped wire.

Wrap a little of your wire around the end and form a loop. You'll be using this to connect the 2 ends.

I feel I did pretty good since my little jingle bells wouldn't go over the wrapped part. That's called a good hiding job! :)

Then just use some ribbon of choice and hang on your gorgeous tree!
The pinterest link I found this on actually used it on a gift, which I thought was pretty interesting.

 photo tawnysiggy_zps35e4128e.png


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