~ Burlap Tree Skirt ~

I have been eyeballing this tree skit for awhile now.
I can't sew, well I haven't tried, so let's just say I can't.
So, hot glue.... perfect!

You can get the yards of burlap, but when you cut it, it will frey.
I didn't want that. So I waited until Hobby Lobby had burlap ribbon 1/2 off and grabbed up what I could.
I think I used 9 red and 5 tan (there is less the picture below, I had more).  I know how many rolls I used, just not of the color total since the packages aren't coordinated to color (sku).

Target has a $5 48" red felt tree skirt. It's there, I promise, just gotta look for it.

And LOTS of hot glue. I used about 2 bags of the mini ones. You wanna make sure it's snug!

The problem I found making this was getting each "fold" to stay down flat, so I used a dictionary and just moved it behind me.

Then you wanna make sure the hot glue stays glued to each other I used the remotes I had laying around. I know.... but I wasn't sure what else to use. I did not place the remote on the hot glue, just on the top to apply a little pressure. You'll see how I used it in the video, but here is a picture.

Yes, Tawny can't make a circle. I noticed I went straight when starting off, which I needed to turn. Which resulted in not a perfect circle, but come on, who is gonna notice?  And again, see my use of the dictionary and remotes?

Sarah kept me company, mainly dropping her hedgehog on the material so I could throw it.

Maggie just held it down for me, why? No reason.

Here is a video of what I did and how much I glued each time. Excuse the "ok" I said, I meant for my husband to only record 1 fold, he kept recording. 

And here you see how much I messed up. Oh well. We all aren't perfect, right? 

So I just cut it. Simple.

The use of the dictionary helped lay the material down. If I didn't do that, all the folds probably would have puffed up and made it not look good.

I seriously thought, I can do this in 1 sitting. NO!
I did the first layer 1 night, the 2nd layer the next, then 1 1/2 layer the next, etc.
Oh and watch out for the hot glue.... it hurts and it will get you when you least expect it and where you least expect it.
I had burns in many places on my hands and wrists. 

Enjoy! It's pretty simple, just very time consuming!

 photo tawnysiggy_zps35e4128e.png


  1. WOW!! I say "meh!" to your little "mess up" - seriously, no one could tell but you! That skirt came out FABULOUS - I'm a lover of all burlap/vintage-y looking things. Wonderful job :)

  2. that is simply beautiful, I went with burlap and red for me wreath this year, loving the look.

  3. This came out great!!! I seriously can't tell where you supposedly messed up! Looks like a circle to me. :)

  4. you did a great job! and you def can't tell that it's not perfect so no worries. your pups are too cute - I'm doing a pet-related linkup on thurs so you should join in with us :) new follower from the Monday mingling blog hop!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. You and your burlap are awesome! Howie decided to mark my nice white, pretty, snowflake sequined tree skirt on Saturday night :P I was thrilled...

  6. I seriously love how yours turned out! I've really been wanting a tree skirt like that one :D

  7. this is super cute, Can you tell me the width of the ribbion by chance ?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. How many rolls did you end up using?

  10. I seriously love how yourstree skirt turned out! I've really been wanting a tree skirt like that one :D


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