~ Sales Calls & Calorie Counting ~

Ever hate it when sales people call your phone?  What kind of question is that, of course you hate it!  This article brought up something that took place actually last week at work. 
A sales person called one of our employee's work phones wanting to sell a home security system.  The employee just kept telling him that he had a car to sell and asked if he wanted to buy it.  I got to hear the whole conversation because it was put on speaker.  That sales person never missed a beat trying to sell that security system and basically ignored anything said about the car.  The article is below, but a few that I found rather funny and might have to try out myself are:
  • Ask them to translate in pig Latin, because that's all you can speak.
  • Ask them what color underwear they are wearing today.
  • Ask them for their phone number so you can call them back and chat some more.
  • Begin snoring

Calorie counting!  Everyone loves it!  NOT!  I did it for awhile and was amazed about how much I ate a day, but I found myself constantly hungry.  Every day I was like... man I have to work out X amount of time to burn X amount off.  UGH!  So I stopped counting calories and I found myself eating basically the same thing, but not being hungry.  Weird, I know!  I think it's a whole mind trick thing.  For those counting, you know that a little food is alot of calories (with some things).  This article shows you what exactly 200 calories is in 29 pictures.  To some, it may surprise you.
Of course you can eat more fruit and vegetables, but who enjoys that unless you add, say peanut butter on your apples (Yes, that is me! My new fav!) The ones that shocked me was the splenda and the fries, I expected them to be way less! So enjoy.... the link to the 5800 calories is below.

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