~ A little Flair to Your Gift ~

I'm a super plain Jane gift wrapper.  Wrap it and be done.  But I seen something on Pinterest that I wanted to try out.

Sent the hubs on a Hobby Lobby run, which he absolutely loves, NOT!

Got me some crepe streamer, glitter, tacky glue, and a brad of choice.

I was limited to the brad of choice since there are tons at Hobby Lobby and my husband had no clue what to grab, so I had to use what I had at home.

I folded the crepe paper over and over and over, I actually never counted how many times.  I then slit each end so that all the peices would be seperate.  I then rounded the top ends and then curved it like the top of a heart (kinda hard to explain). But you can see from the pics.

I then basically rolled the tops of the crepe into glue then in glitter, easy peasy!

I cut out a circle then "scrunched" the unglued part and glued them onto that circle, 4 on the first layer, then 4 on the next.  Don't overlap directly on each other, you want some dimension.

Then I just pushed the brad through the middle and attached it to the gift.  The purple brad was the best thing I could find at the moment.  :) 

And there you have it!  Some flair to your gift!

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  1. That is so cute!!
    thank you for linking up to TPP :)

  2. Seriously, so cute and pretty easy looking! It's gorgeous :)

    Thanks for linking up to The Pinspiration Project :)


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